Antioch: High School Ministry

"It was in Antioch that the Disciples were first called Christians." ~Acts 11:26

Meets Sundays from 6:15 to 8:15 p.m.
All High School students are welcome.

Enrollment Fee: $60

It's faith in action.

Come learn and participate in Bible studies, formation activities, engaging speaker sessions, high quality retreats and coffee house events. Most importantly, come together in fellowship with other youth to grow and develop as followers of Jesus Christ. Students grow together, and through small communities are able to support one another who is discerning how God is calling them to respond in their life as a teenager.

It's community.
Strong quality friendships are very important for any high school student. Through Antioch, students will be able to hang and visit with one another, build friendships, pray together, and pray for each other. We even welcome visitors by students' friends who are not registered at the parish.

It's strong faith.
Making Christ the center of our lives is the goal. We are committed to deepening our youth's faith through prayer, Eucharistic adoration, engaging talks, and open sharing with one another in an effort to empty themselves for Christ to fill them.

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