St. Alphonsus Youth Ministry serves the youth of our parish from grades 7-12. We help to form more than 200 teens every year in their faith and the way they express that faith through prayer, service, catechesis, and social opportunities.

4:Twelve (7th and 8th grade)
7th and 8th grade youth  enroll in our Middle School youth program. More>>
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SPARK (9th grade)
First year of our 2-year preparation for the
Sacrament of Confirmation. Topics include God, Divine Inspiration, Scripture and Tradition, Jesus, the Trinity, the four marks of the Church, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, Mary, and Theology of the Body. More>>
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PKP(10th grade)
In the second year of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, youth discuss what means to be a disciple of Christ and what that looks like.  We cover topics such as the Church in the Modern World, Stewardhip, Vocation, and Catholic Social Teaching. More>>
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