Special Note - Rite of Enrollment Information

The Rite of Enrollment will be held on March 3rd at the 5pm Mass.  Please plan to arrive at 4:40 pm and report to the Reception Room to receive all the instructions.  Both the youth and their parents are expected to attend the Mass.

Please see our documents on the left side of the screen for more information. 

The Rite of Enrollment Promise should be printed off and signed by both the youth and parents and then brought to Mass.

The Rite of Enrollment Outline gives a brief outline of what is going to happen and the responses the youth are expected to make during the rite.

All youth are invited to join us for our youth ministry dinner following Mass in the Parish Hall.



This ministry is the first year of our two year Confirmation preparation program.

SPARK represents that beginning SPARK of God's love in the heart of a Christian. For God's love is like an unquenchable fire. (Songs 8:6)

During the year we will be using the YOUCAT as our guide through the tenets of our faith. Topics include God, Divine Inspiration, Scripture and Tradition, Jesus, the Trinity, the four marks of the Church, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, Mary, and Theology of the Body.

SPARK will meet one Wednesday a month at 6:30 p.m. The complete calendar and expectations for the program are listed in the menu to the left. Program fees are $70 per student.

Since meetings will be Wednesday evenings, these high school students are also encouraged to check out the Antioch high school program that meets Sunday evenings and offers different fellowship and retreat opportunities with their peers. Learn more about Antioch

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