Young Disciples

Just as the disciples followed in Christ’s footsteps while he walked this earth, so are we called to follow His footsteps in the same way!  This walk doesn’t start when you are Confirmed or when you become an adult.  You can live out your walk with Christ in a special way right now by becoming a Young Disciple!
Who are Young Disciples?
In a way, we are all young disciples.  But “Young Disciples” is the title of a small group of high school students who are actively involved in St. Alphonsus’ Youth Ministry.  These individuals have shown a deep dedication to their faith, gifts of leadership and loving interaction among peers.  In short, they are youth capable of helping lead their peers in their walk with Christ.
What do Young Disciples do?
            The main responsibility of Young Disciples will be to work alongside adult team members in facilitating Thursday (4:Twelve) night youth meetings throughout the year.  They welcome youth at meetings, lead them in prayer, help present a topic at hand, and share their faith in small groups or by giving an occasional witness talk. In smaller ways, they are leaders of their high school peers through their involvement in Antioch nights.   We will help to train the Young Disciples and foster their gifts. Each Young Disciple’s specific responsibilities depend on his/her gifts, talents, and requests.

What is expected of Young Disciples?
·         Dedication to prayer and sacraments so you are able to effectively lead your peers in faith 
·         Attend weekly 4:Twleve meetings and Antioch Meetings
·         Attend at least one Antioch (April 25-27) and/or Middle School Retreat (December 13-14)
What do I get out of being a Young Disciple?
            Being a Young Disciple gives you a unique service-leadership opportunity within the Catholic Church.  You will be part of a tight-knit, loving community while offering yourself for the good of our youth group and our parish.  You will have a blast while using your God-given gifts!  Above all, you will grow closer to God by serving Him and others.  And, *new this year* we will provide all Young Disciples a 15% discount to all retreats and events throughout the school year!  We realize that Young Disciples is a big commitment and we want to show our appreciation for you. 
God is calling will you answer?
Paul and Alexa Sifuentes
Directors of Youth Ministry

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